Hello and welcome to my page!  


At some point in our life our relationship with ourselves or with others, our health, financial situation, career, family, fitness, parenting and raising children can all get complicated.


The core of almost all psychological issues lies in "Relationships". The quality of our Intra-personal (our internal world) and Inter-personal (with others/social) relationships  determines our psychological wellbeing status and impacts on our happiness, contentment and satisfaction whether it's at home with a partner, children, parents, siblings, or with friends, colleagues or employer. 


At times when we are looking for some clarity and need emotional support talking to family members or friends may not be possible or a wise option!


It takes courage to reach out for help, but within a safe and confidential therapeutic space you will be able to discuss your feelings, make sense of what's going on for you and explore the options that will help you achieve your desired outcome. 


 I believe that we all have the inner strength to change the things that make us unhappy in life and to grow into the person we want to be and I can help you access and maximise your own inner strength.